What to see in Marrakech?
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The most important sights to visit in Marrakech:

What to see in Marrakech? Morocco’s energetic city of Marrakech is well-known for its fascinating history, lively culture, and breathtaking architecture. It was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1985.

The following sights in Marrakech are must-see:

Jamaa El Fnae Square:

Jamaa el-Fnae is the pulsing heart of Marrakech, providing a sensory-rich encounter that embodies Moroccan culture. Whether you want to buy, eat, or learn about local traditions, this square is must-see in Marrakech.

Ben Yousef Madrasa:

Step back in time to the Ben Youssef Madrasa, an ancient Islamic college with stunning architecture, delicate tilework, and tranquil courtyards.
Majorelle Garden:

Medina and the Souks:

Immerse yourself in the Medina’s lively markets and narrow alleyways. Explore the different souks (marketplaces) that sell spices, fabrics, ceramics, and traditional Moroccan crafts. Don’t miss the famed Jemaa el-Fnaa square, which is noted for its vibrant atmosphere and street performers.

Koutoubia Mosque:

Admire the architectural beauty of the Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech’s greatest mosque. The minaret is the city’s defining symbol, viewable from many places of the Medina.

Bahia Palace:

Explore the exquisite Bahia mansion, a 19th-century mansion with stunning gardens, courtyards, and finely designed rooms. It gives an insight into the lives of Moroccan aristocrats.

Saadian tombs:

Visit the Saadian Tombs, a historical burial site for members of the Saadian dynasty. The graves were unearthed in 1917 and include beautiful Islamic art.

El Badi Palace:

Explore the ruins of El Badi Palace, which was once a luxurious palace built by Sultan Ahmed al-Mansur. Despite their state of ruin, the palace grounds convey a feeling of grandeur that once existed.

Jardin Majorelle:

Explore the lovely Jardin Majorelle, a floral garden created by French painter Jacques Majorelle. The garden has brilliant blue structures, unique vegetation, and the Berber Museum.

Marrakesh Museum:

Discover the Marrakech Museum, located in the Dar Menebhi Palace. The museum features a variety of Moroccan art, including as ceramics, textiles, and jewelry.

Remember to appreciate the local culture, eat Moroccan food, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere that makes Marrakech a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable destination.