What is Morocco?

Morocco is a country, which is located in North west of Africa. It is bordered Algeria to the East and south east, Mauritania to the South, Atlantic Ocean to the west and Mediterranean sea to the North. It has massive chains of mountains which separate the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean. The Mountains are called Atlas Mountains and the Rif. They are the longest in the Whole Africa and the Second tallest (4167m) after Kilimanjaro(5895m) in Tanzania.

It has an exotic culture which is diverse: Berbers( (self-name Imazighn; singular, Amazigh) ), who are a large group that inhabited all North Africa for more than 8000 years BC. from a Oasis called Siwa in the West of Egypt to Canaria islands in theAtlantic ocean and from Mediterranean sea in the North to sub Saharaian countries in the south. Also, there are minorities such as Arabic people who came from the Middle east in the 8th Century, who brought the religion Islam. Finally, there are Black skinned people who came from other African countries.

Morocco has been conquered by many people and civilizations from outside the region, starting by the Phoenicians in the early ages, afterwards, the  Carthagians, then the Romans came in the 1st century AD, followed by the Arabs in the 8th Century. Later on, Morocco has been reigned by many dynasties, the first one was called Idrissids in the 8th century, then Almoravids in 11th century, then Mohads in 12th century, then Marinids in 14th century, then Saadiens in 15th century, then Alaouits in the 17th century.

The administrative capital of Morocco is Rabat, but the biggest and economist is Casablanca, which is the third biggest in Africa after Lagos and Cairo.

These are the most important cities in Morocco: