Hassan Second Mosque in Casablanca
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The Hassan II Mosque is a notable landmark in the economy and the largest city in Morocco. It is one of the world’s largest mosques, both in terms of architectural beauty and religious significance.

Here are some significant details regarding the Hassan Second Mosque in Casablanca:

Size and architecture:

The mosque or Masjid was built in 1993 and has outstanding dimensions. It has the world’s highest minaret, rising 210 meters (689 feet) tall. The mosque can seat up to 105,000 attendees and has a prayer hall that can hold 25,000 people.

Design and Features:

The mosque’s design combines traditional Islamic architecture with modern elements. It is partially built above the Atlantic Ocean, and its delicate elements represent Moroccan workmanship, including ornate tilework, marble floors, and sculpted.


The mosque is conveniently located on Casablanca’s beachfront, with spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean. Its position represents Morocco’s deep ties to its Islamic past.

Religious Significance:

Named after King Hassan II, who commissioned its construction, the mosque represents Moroccan identity and religious devotion. It has a particular place in the hearts of Moroccans and brings visitors from all over the world.

Tourism & Cultural Heritage:

The Hassan II Mosque is a popular tourist destination in Casablanca, attracting people who are drawn to its architectural beauty and historical significance. Guided tours are available for people who want to explore the mosque and learn about its cultural legacy.

There are guided tours to the Hassan Second mosque every day:

Certainly! Visitors to the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca can take guided tours to learn about its stunning architecture and cultural significance. There is usually an entrance fee, which varies based on your age and nationality. Additional fees may apply to services such as photography permits. It is best to schedule in advance, dress modestly, and follow the mosque’s guidelines. Official tourism websites or direct contact with the mosque provide the most up-to-date information on pricing and tour availability.

How much does it cost to go to Hassan 2 Mosque?

  • The price for Foreigners (Adults) is 130 Moroccan Dirhams which is 13 USD.
  • The price for Children is 30 Moroccan Dirhams which is 3 USD.

What time does the Hassan II Mosque open?

Opening Hours:

From Saturday to Thursday09h00 10h00 11h0014h00
Friday09h00 10h0014h00