SAHARA ADVENTURE TOURS is a travel agency in Morocco. We are based in Marrakech and Casablanca. Our agency is raised by a group of Berbers from Southern Morocco, especially from the Sahara desert. 

Our goal is to show Real and Pure Morocco to our clients from all over the world. Morocco is an exotic country, which is located in the Northwest of the African Continent. It has a diverse culture and diverse landscapes. The indigenous people are called Amazigh or Imazighen (Berbers).  They inhabited Northern Africa for thousands of years BC. geographically, from an Oasis in the West of Egypt, which is called Siwa to the Canaria islands in the East. 

During your Morocco tour, you will be able to unearth the following interests: Rif Mountains. Middle Atlas Mountains. High Atlas Mountains. Anti Atlas Mountains. Ancient Berber Villages.UNESCO World Heritage sights: Fes Medina( 1981). Marrakech Medina( 1985). Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah( 1987). Meknes Medina(1996). Tetouane Medina( 1996). Volubilis(1997). Essaouira(2001). Mazagan( 2004). Rabat( 2012). Coastal Cities: Essaouira, Agadir, Casablanca and Tangier. The Sahara Desert in the South Eastern Part: Nomads, Camel Trekking, and Sand Boarding.

Day trips from Marrakech

Day trips from Marrakech

The City was occupied by many different civilizations for decades. in prehistoric times, the City was occupied by the Carthaginians in the 5th century BC and they established a trading port in the City. Then, in the 1st C BC- 1st C AD, the Essaouira was occupied by the Berber King Juba II there where he established a tyrian Purple factory. followed by the Romans in the Third Century B….


The highest and most magnificent waterfalls in Morocco, which are called OZOUD waterfalls, It will take around 2.50 hours drive to arrive there. On the way, we will enjoy diverse landscapes and Berber villages till we arrive at the waterfalls. We will have enough time to contemplate the beauty of nature and contemplate breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains. 


Marrakech al Valle de Ourika

After breakfast, we will head towards the Atlas Mountains, where the Ourika valley is located, we will have the opportunity to visit a Berber house in the mountains to discover and share a cup of tea with the locals, then we will continue our way to the Ourika waterfalls, where we will ride camels. after the camels, we will make a short hike to the waterfalls…

Sahara Adventure Tours-Casablanca Morocco Tours- trips to Morocco- viajes por Marruecos- Family tours- Morocco tours- 10 days trip from Casablanca


Important info:

  • Duration: 10 Days/9 Nights.
  • Starting point: Casablanca.
  • Ending point: Casablanca.
  • Departure time: 8/9 AM.
9 days from Tangier to Marrakech- 10 days trip from Casablanca


Important info:

  • Duration: 9 Days/ 8 Nights.
  • Starting point: Tangier.
  • Ending point: Marrakech.
  • Departure time: 8/9 AM.
3 days tour from Fes to Marrakech-sahara desert trips with Sahara Adventure Tours- 5 day- trip from Rabat to Marrakech- to Sahara Desert


Important info:

Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights.
The starting point: Marrakech.
Ending point: Marrakech.
The departure time: 8/9 AM.

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From regular tours to fancy and deluxe ones, small to large shared group trips from Marrakech, we offer the best Marrakech Desert Tours and tailor-made desert tours and excursions for all ranges and budgets, always ensuring a professional service in all aspects.


Sahara Adventure Tours Agency organizes Morocco trips and packages from Meknes City to Marrakech City Via Sahara Desert. As we offer few itineraries from Meknes, it doesn’t mean that we just organize the itineraries that are shown below. we would be happy to contact Us in order to organize your Morocco trip as you wish. Any amendments and changes are possible. We deal with any kind of itineraries and clients. Our aim is to make our clients happy and satisfied.

10 días de viaje de Casablanca- 10 days trip from Casablanca


We create customized Morocco excursions and daydaytripstrips from Casablanca that are suited to your needs. Travel in comfort and confidence, knowing that your guide is well-versed in the country and fully understands what it takes to put together a fantastic trip.


Are you considering departing from Tangier on a genuine Sahara desert adventure? spend the night outside beneath the stars while riding a camel in Erg Chebbi? Drive a 4x4 through canyons, wide oases, and Kasbahs? Look no further; Sahara Adventure Tours will make your trip to the Moroccan Sahara desert from Tangier an unforgettable experience. We organize trips from Tanger which is the bride of Morocco to the imperial cities, the Sahara Desert where you will have a chance to spend a lifetime night in the Sahara desert.

9días de Tánger aMarrakech- 9 days from Tangier to Marrakech


We organize excellent Fes Desert Tours as well as a variety of tailored Morocco Tours and excursions from Fes that match your needs and expectations. We guarantee that on every tour, trip, or excursion, we will discover something new. Don't hesitate to contact us to get more information.

4 days tour Fes to Marrakech- 4 días de Fes a Marrakech- 3 day- Fes to Marrakech Desert Trip


Agadir, a seaside resort in Morocco, offers a variety of entertainment options, from peaceful beach days and souk shopping to unwinding in a spa or hammam and taking in the vibrant nightlife. Agadir is a popular beach destination, but unlike other Moroccan cities, it is not well renowned for its cultural diversity. However, there are a number of fantastic day trips you can do from Agadir to visit various aspects of Morocco. Here are a few of the top ones.

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I am 32 years old, I have a BA in English studies. I have been working in the Tourism sector since 2015. My aim is to show you Morocco through a local eye. 



I am 32 years old, I have a BA in English studies. I have been working in the Tourism sector since 2017. My aim is to show you Morocco through a local eye.



I am 34 years old, I am a  Spanish and French speaker. I have been working in the Tourism sector since 2010. My aim is to show you Morocco from different angles.

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I am 29 years old, I have a BA in English studies. I have been working in the Tourism sector since 2018. My aim is to show you the real Morocco.